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Pharma consulting

Our strengths

We create value in your pharmaceutical production. With many years of experience in processes and superior technology, a network of top people implements quickly and pragmatically - visible and measurable in your balance sheet.




We question grown structures and reduce their complexity by finding new standards through modelling.

This is the prerequisite for further reducing your costs.




We bring many years of expertise in both classic mechanical engineering and modern IT.

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, algorithms and robotics - we use a broad portfolio and we know which processes run robustly with which machines in a production environment.

Input - Output - Outcome



Whether you want to generate more capacity top line or reduce individual cost items bottom line: We pay attention to the value proposition that is right for your business and quickly deliver results.

Unnecessary frippery stays away.


Computer System Validation (CSV)

International regulatory authorities are demanding ever more precise documentation and traceability of your production steps. We implement the full spectrum of an FDA-level computer system validation from URS to the validation report within a short time frame.
  • Assessment of Computerized Systems

  • Intial Risk Assessment
  • Programming Standard
  • Validation Master Plan and Validation Project Plan
  • System Description
  • Risk Assessment
  • Functional Specification
  • Hardware Design Specification
  • Software Design Specification
  • Module Qualification
  • Configuration Specification
  • Design Qualification

  • Message List
  • Installation Qualification
  • Operation Qualification
  • Installation Operation Qualification
  • User Manual
  • Performance Qualification
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Validation Report
  • Etc.


A wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment allows us to analyse your manufacturing metrics in relation to competitors and identify the greatest potential. Change the perspective.

Modelling business processes

Complexity outperforms Capability:
Clear data and software architectures are a prerequisite for achieving maximum efficiency. However, we know that diversity grows over the years. Processes are becoming more and more opaque and hardly measurable. A sure sign of this is the rising flood of emails.

We are breaking through this trend by transforming business processes into workflows that are mapped in standard software and based on the single source of truth. This improves the ratio of indirectly managing to directly producing employees.

Multiparameter optimisation

You certainly know the problem: by now, even your most experienced employees are no longer able to optimally distribute the market demand to the available machine capacity.

For example, a positive portfolio growth usually leads to a negative performance of the operations unit and to increasing stock levels. One way out of this dilemma is real-time parameter optimisation for your planning process.

OEE optimisation

The recording of production performance expressed via the OEE ratio is the starting point of all optimisation. Continuous statistics on downtimes and their reasons enable the focus to be placed on the most important improvements.

The short-term introduction of an expandable system is possible in a few days with the appropriate experience.

Machine learning for visual inspection

The use of machine learning for the final inspection of products holds great potential. However, the introduction, especially in small and medium-sized companies, is associated with some hurdles.

With our experience, we help to make the right decisions and to reach the actual goal faster, the qualitatively safe and faster manufacturing step.

Jira communication

As staff workload increases, the risk of losing oneself in light routine work increases, with the result that important future-oriented improvements are implemented too late or possibly never at all. Competitiveness then creeps down.

A platform-based task tracking with a project-related communication tool enables management and employees to stay on course towards the true company goals and to maintain a good balance between necessary day-to-day work and strategically important tasks.

Geographical localisation

Geographical location of moving objects and also people in the production environment allow the creation of whereabouts statistics. This serves as a necessary and valuable data source to forecast your optimisation ideas much more reliably - with full data protection.