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IT infra­structure

We offer a wide range of services for the development of IT infrastructure for small, medium-sized and large companies.

Our core areas are:



DevOps is an approach that automates and optimises the processes between software development and operational IT teams so that software can be built, tested and released faster and more reliably. DevOps is about removing the barriers between traditionally isolated development and operational IT teams.

In a DevOps model, development and operations teams collaborate across the entire software application lifecycle - from development and testing to deployment and operations.

Experience in the fields of

  • Banking
  • Bioinformatics
  • Authorities


  • Application of the products Bacula and NetBackUp
  • Amount of data per backup in the range of TB to PB per backup
  • Backups Backup-to-disk-to-tape or in S3 storage
  • Backups of NDMP environments (Netapp, IBM....)
  • Backups of SAP farms (SQL, MaxDB....)
  • Data backup of software such as
    • Databases such as MongoDB, Oracle, SQL
    • Application systems such as SAP, BIG Data
    • Kubernetes, Azure, AWS,
    • VMWare - Instant On Recovery
  • Amount of data per backup in TB to PB per backup
  • Backups Backup-to-Disk or in S3 Storage
  • Backup on classic disc-to-disc-to-tape media
  • Operation in a dedicated or shared environment


  • > 20 years
  • Previous clients e.g:
    Thyssen Krupp
    Virtualisation and cloud operation



    • Design and operation of highly available systems in the cloud and container area
    • Patch concept and management
    • Documentation & Reporting


    • Cloud computing systems
      • OpenStack
      • OpenNebula
      • AWS
      • Azure
      • GCP
      • Docker ...
    • Orchestration systems using KubernetesCI/CD
      • Docker
      • Kubernetis
      • Ansible, Jenkins
    • Operation of on-premise virtualisation environments
      • VMWare ESX
      • Proxmox
      • Docker
      • Kubrernetis
    • Server environments in Amazon AWS or MS Azure
      • Server operation and setup
      • OnDemand setup and destroy of server systems to save costs

    Customer Success Story in the field of BioInformatics (Azure)

    • Automation of gene sequencing analysis
    • Virtual machine (VM) built based on repository
    • VM is destroyed, full DSGVO conform
    • Achieved monthly savings of 40%
      Call Centre / IT Helpdesk


      • SetUp and operation
      • Attractive prices via nearshoring
      • Languages German and English


      • Consulting and escalation management at Deutsche Telekom


        • Development / maintenance of scalable / fail-safe storage solutions (FreeNAS, NetApp, ...)
        • Maintenance of existing storage solutions


        • Development / maintenance of groupware solutions (Microsoft Exchange, Kopano)
        • Commissioning / maintenance of chat systems (Matrix, RocketChat, Mattermost, Slack, Microsoft Teams)
        Mobile solutions


        • Development of concept / start-up of MDM solutions (WSO2, Microsoft SCCM)
        • Create BYOD solutions


        • Commissioning / maintenance Linux-Unix, Windows systems
        • Initial server installation (hardware setup, network integration)
        • System design (customised production)
        • Monitoring of the system architecture (Prometheus, Grafana)
        • Reliability of the systems (backup, failover, spare parts supply)


        Dedicated server

        • Provision of dedicated servers in the data centre
        • Installation/support of the servers
        • Planning/implementation of server moves

        Managed Cloud Services

        • Provision/maintenance of hosted groupware solutions
        • Hosted container orchestration solution using Kubernetes
        IT security



        • Commissioning/maintenance Firewall to protect company data
        • Setting up VPN architecture to enable home office workstations

        Content Filtering

        • Filtering of offensive/unwanted internet traffic
        • Mail Spam Filter


        • Structure of 2-factor authentication systems
        • Integration of applications in 2-factor systems
        • Construction of OAuth2 architecture and integration of existing applications

        Monitoring systems

        • Camera surveillance system structure